Lead Credits

As members market for leads, they sometimes receive leads that are either not in their market or leads that do not fall within their own buying criteria. They can then release these leads for other members to claim. There are two ways to earn Lead Credits; you can either Earn Credits or Buy Credits (see below).

Leads can be claimed for 1 Credit per lead.

Earn Credits:

Credits are earned by Releasing a Lead. For every Lead you Release, you will receive One Lead Credit. You can use that Lead Credit to either Re-Claim your own Lead or to Claim a new lead.

You will only receive a Lead Credit for Releasing a Lead that was originally your own lead. This is to prevent unscrupulous people from repeatedly claiming then releasing leads.

Buy Credits:

Credits can be purchased at any time.

Lead Credits:
1 Credit: 10 Credits:
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Premium Members:

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