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"Five Essential Steps If I Were Filing an Insurance Claim on My Own Property" | By: Darrick O'Day

"Five Essential Steps If I Were Filing an Insurance Claim on My Own Property"

By: Darrick O’Day

For property owners and real-estate enthusiasts, navigating the intricacies of insurance claims can be daunting. As a Licensed Public Adjuster, Insurance Appraiser, and Loss Consultant, I've garnered a wealth of experience in this domain. While the ideal scenario is a straightforward, fair payout at the outset, reality often deviates from this.

Note: This article isn't intended as legal advice. Each insurance claim is unique, reflecting its policy's specifics and the intricacies of the jurisdiction. Always seek expert advice when dealing with insurance claims.

Here's my recommended approach:

🚀 1. Speed is Your Ally: Upon any incident, the first step is to promptly inform the insurance company, both over the phone and in written form. Many policies mandate this written communication, so it's essential.

💌 #2. Express Intentions to Recover: In your written notice, clearly convey your intention to recover all depreciation and benefits owed to you under the policy. Not only does this lay a solid foundation for further communications, but it's also a requirement stipulated in many policies.

🔍 #3. Obtain a Certified Policy: Requesting a "Certified Copy of your Policy" is of paramount importance. Such a certified policy bears a seal from the insurance company, vouching for its authenticity and completeness at the time of the loss. It's not uncommon for standard policies to omit certain provisions or exclusions. Securing a Certified Copy is your best bet to sidestep potential oversights.

? #4. Stay Ahead of Deadlines: In the written notification of my claim to the insurance company, I'd specifically request to be alerted about any upcoming deadlines, ideally 90 days in advance. Moreover, I'd ask for a clear breakdown of all my post-loss duties as outlined in the policy to ensure complete compliance.

📸 #5. Lights, Camera, Action: After any incident, it's crucial to document the situation comprehensively. Take detailed photos and undertake any safe measures to prevent further damage, which might involve contracting professionals for immediate mitigation.

In Conclusion: Starting on the right foot can make all the difference. Approach your claim with sophistication, document meticulously, and remember – knowledge is power. Know your policy, and you're already on your way to a smoother claim journey.

Happy Claiming! 🌟

Darrick O’Day

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