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Know the Downsides of Your Real Estate Funding | By: Alan Cowgill


Know The Downsides Of Your Real Estate Funding!

If you go to a bank, chances are they will want tons of paperwork, pay stubs, tax returns, etc.  It's a lot of hassle. Eats up time.

 Whereas, when you can move fast with all cash from private lenders, sellers will sell you their homes at a discount.

 Let’s review 4 sources for your real estate funds.  Look at the downsides:


- Quit your J.O.B. and they won't loan you money
- Need down payment
- Need decent credit
- Lost time (4 ½ months to close a deal for me once)
- No relationship
- They change rules instantly
- Mountains of paperwork
- On credit report
- Provide stack of documents
- Jump through their hoops
- You're out of control
- Monthly payments
- Pre-qualifying the property

 Let's face it some of us, buy some really nasty stuff!  Beyond the trash and that horrible smell, some of the houses we buy don't have roofs, or windows, or furnaces, or plumbing.  We buy trash and turn it into cash.  Banks don't seem to understand that.  I've actually had a bank refuse to loan me money on a house for 4-1/2 months because it didn't have a furnace.  Gee I thought the idea of being a rehabber was to buy a distressed stinky house and fix it.


- They are very expensive
- Maybe your credit score is important
- Need down payment with some lenders
- Only one (1) exit strategy - Sell for cash
- You're out of control
- No up-front fix up money (Rehab $$$)

- Monthly payments
- Limited $$$
- Can be called back and you're cut off
- Out of control

- Limited $$$
- Could make more by loaning it out at a high rate of return.

Use private lenders and avoid nearly all of these downsides!

With private money I buy what I want.  I know how to rehab about anything.  That's my decision, not someone else's.  Today I am the approval committee.

One final note on building relationships...

I appreciate my lenders.  I've met some great folks.  These strong relationships built on trust make your business grow, not to mention make your life more enjoyable.  Do you actually know anyone at your bank or are you just a number to them?  There are some exceptions, of course.  Actually, I loved my banker so much I married her. :) 

 The bottom line is that now you know the facts.  Don't PROCRASTINATE like I did.  Go create wealth and live the life you want!


Alan Cowgill is a speaker, author, and real estate entrepreneur.  His step-by-step system “Private Lending Made Easy” teaches others to find private lenders.