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Shaun McCloskey's Bio | By: Shaun McCloskey


Shaun McCloskey is a seasoned real estate investor, author and coach based in St. Louis, MO. that has used real estate as an investment strategy and educational tool to change thousands of lives across the United States.  He is the author of several real estate investing courses and is widely known for his expertise in the fields of pre-foreclosure and short sales. Although by the world’s standards Shaun was considered to be a very successful entrepreneur, in 2007 he realized that he was working far too much and was consumed by his business. By implementing the LIFEonaire and debt free investing principles you’re about to learn into his own life, this is now a thing of the past. “Everyone says they want to be a millionaire, but what they really want is LIFE!  The American Dream says that more money equates to a better life, however, I know a number of people that have made millions of dollars and are also miserable.  I know because I was one of them.  I want to show you how to have both money and LIFE.”  Throughout this pursuit, Shaun began to unravel the distinctions between those who are living truly fulfilled lives and those who are not. “There’s no question that the people who understand (and are fulfilled by) living out their purpose have followed a specific recipe to get there. Transversely, those who don’t understand their purpose follow quite a different recipe.” Today, Shaun’s passion is helping other people tap into their peak potential by helping them to discovering what it means to become a LIFEonaire, and then supplying them with the tools to build the roadmap to get there. “There is no greater joy to me than seeing a life completely change in an instant right before my very eyes.” - Shaun McCloskey