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The ABC's of 'Subject To' | By: Bob Meister

Using our Profits While We Sleep material, lots of folks have been buying single family homes with nothing down.
Frequently, the sellers pay them to take their 2 to 4 year old home, subject to the existing mortgage.
(Mortgage stays in >>Seller's Name<<)

However, some folks aren't sure about investing in real estate this way and frankly they would rather just investigate our products a little more before buying the manual, tapes, CDs and software.

That's understandable. Some folks just don't move as fast as others.  Some are more skeptical. Some are more cautious. Maybe that's you.  So, we produced an electronic book (e-book). We know that some folks want to investigate more before jumping in and doing.

The e-book explains about the type of investing that can make you financially independent in 30 months...working part time.  It will tell you how to accomplish the goal of buying pretty homes in nice neighborhoods.

The e-book is available at

If you decide that Real Estate Investing isn't for really haven't invested too much time or money.  If you want to retire in a few months then you'll probably want to get 'Profits While We Sleep' Home Study Course.

Look at Real Estate Courses from Randy & 'Charlie' France and Bob Meister for more info.

If you've heard from someone with our material, you're probably going to want the 'Grand Kahuna of Real Estate Investing'. Why, because you already know that your most valuable asset is your time, and you don't want to waste it. You want all the material, all the latest software for doing deals, calculating profit, dealing with motivated sellers, etc.

That's what's in the Grand Kahuna. Everything that we use. 'Profits While We Sleep', AutoForm, AutoProfit, Slam Dunk Deals Manuals, Tapes, CD's, Videos on CDs, Software, Forms, etc. AutoForm makes doing the paperwork a snap. AutoProfit calculates if you should buy and what you should lease for.

Gives you special reports, CD's of forms, contracts, letters, flyers. All in MS Word format.

You're ready to go.  Look at Real Estate Courses from Randy & 'Charlie' France and Bob Meister for more info.

Some folks want to get started buying homes (1 or 2 per month), within 30 days of ordering our stuff. These folks get the Grand Kahuna.  Some folks need AutoForm to handle the paperwork. Some folks use AutoProfit to calculate the numbers.

We use them all.  We buy lots of homes.  We show you how to travel down the path to financial freedom.

Hope this helps,

Bob Meister

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They all sell out.