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Key Features

The PROS System operates a full platform where you are able to both customize your REIA's daily tasks and automate tasks such as the following:

Event Management

Our PROS system will automate your events and posts all active events, which are displayed primarily in the Event Calendar.

You can easily speed up the process of setting up recurring events that can each be customized later on to include whatever content you need for each page. Through our system, you can also setup system automated reminder emails that are designed to remind your members and users about upcoming events to send out on certain days and hours.

Managing and Converting Members

You will have full access to manage all user accounts and their information that are securely stored in the system.

This includes being able to create different types of memberships with several options to customize the membership and track the numbers you have of each membership type.

Email Scheduling and Management

We offer several types of PROS-created emails that are automated with their own schedule settings defaults that you can customize and manage at your choosing, which covers all the types of event types we have available when you create an event.

Variety of Reports

Our PROS System automatically generate many types of reports that range from member-related data to transactions to your REIA's growth.

We also offer event-related reports that show data and info on people who are attending event, including tracking whether they have attended or not or used a guest pass.

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