1143-1147 Chesapeake Avenue, Chesapeake, VA 23324

Property Status: Available (Wholesale) | For Sale: $350,000.00

10 Bedrooms / 6 Baths / Multiple Family

5 apartments, 1 commercial space - Good part of South Norfolk

Property Status:
This Property is currently...
  • Status: Available (Wholesale)
  • For Sale: $350,000.00
Property Details:
10 Bedrooms / 6 Baths / Multiple Family
Property Style:
5+ Units
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1 Car Attached
No Basement
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Central Air
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Property: This is a six unit, mix use facility. There are five apartments and one commercial space. One of the five apartments is a one bedroom, but with renovation, can easily be converted into a two bedroom. The other four units are 2/1’s. The last unit, above the store, is a MASSIVE 2/1 with a dining room and living room. With renovation, you can easily turn it into a 3 bedroom. The store front will need renovation but light. The store front has a garage entrance in the back. Location: This neighborhood is in a decent part of South Norfolk. Right across the street is a beautiful Victorian and on the other side, is another Victorian being renovated. There are churches on both corners. Not too far away is historic South Norfolk which just went under a massive renovation. Roof: Fully Replaced Outside Windows: Fully Replaced Siding: None Doors: One door needs replaced but the rest are fine, just need paint. This is a part of the renovation budget. Gutters: Need some repair, but again, in the renovation budget. HVAC: All units are gas packs for easily maintenance and accessibility. Well maintained. Parking Lot: Will need to be filled in with crush & run but we built that into the renovation budget. Plumbing: No plumbing issues Water: Central water heater for the property located in the back of the store. Electrical: In good condition. Appliances: Good condition with some recently being replaced. Occupancy: 4/5 apartments rented. Storefront not rented. The only reason the 5th apartment is not rented is due to renovation needed. CapEx + renovations of units Total: $50,000 Current rents: Apt #1 - $650 - Occupied Apt #2 - $--- - Being renovated Apt #3 - $720 – Occupied Apt #4 - $700 – Occupied Apt #5 - $750 – Occupied Store - $---- ? Vacant Potential ProForma rents: #1 1/1 (2/1) - $800 - fully renovated #2 2/1 - $900 - fully renovated #3 2/1 - $900 - fully renovated #4 2/1 - $900 - fully renovated #5 3/1 - $1,100 - fully renovated #6 Store front - $1,500 - fully renovated Residents: Each resident is currently month to month and pays cash. Asking price: $350,000 Owner financing is available, but $100,000 cash + $25,000 Earnest Money is required. Owner financing - 4% with a 5 year balloon at a 15 year amortization. Payment amount would be $1,610.00 P/Month Pictures: https://communityig-my.sharepoint.com/:f:/p/kyle/Ej2dWPhDFZ5IlxAL_F0rIeQBfXbI_nbQ_Le9J_GdS0BV4A?e=18kfwp

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