Mike Jacka is the president and founder of the Minnesota Real Estate Investors Association (MnREIA) and Real Estate Promo, Inc.

He is a St. Paul native and, after a brief stint as a computer technician, became a real estate agent in 1992.  Since then, his real estate investing background has become very diverse and includes general contracting, rehabs, single family homes, multi-units, rentals and land trusts in addition to wholesaling, foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, short sales, subject-to (Sub2), lease options and contract for deeds.

The first 6 years, he was doing "OK".  Then in 1998 he attended a real estate educational program and that is when his life and career changed forever.  From then on, he was convinced that education is the key to success in this business. He continually attends real estate, business and self-improvement seminars and reads everything he can to improve himself mentally and his real estate skills.

Currently, his real estate business consists of rehabbing, wholesaling, lease options and creating seller financing as well as some small commercial buildings.  He also does training and builds systems for investors to improve their learning curve and assist them in their business.

MnREIA started in 2002 with just 8 members and has been growing ever since.  The Minnesota REIA has become nationally recognized as one of the largest and most active real estate investment associations in America.

Since Mike understands REIA’s (Real Estate Investors Associations) and how to systemize everything, he has built one of the most successful and comprehensive REIA platforms called the PROS System (Professional REIA Operating System).  The PROS system is perfect for all REIA’s both large and small because it is built on Mike’s philosophy of Keeping It Simple System while still being very powerful.

In his free time he likes to ride around the country on his motorcycle speaking at REIA’s, educating them on real estate investing and teaching them the basics and then systemizing what works so they too can enjoy life while acquiring cash flowing assets. When he's not speaking or riding the motorcycle, he also enjoys hunting and fishing whenever he can.